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Do it SMART in 2024

Setting goals for your business in 2024 is a crucial step in steering your company toward success and growth. You’ve heard of doing it SMART. Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART).

Here are some potential business goals for 2024 that you might consider:

Revenue Growth

Aim for a specific percentage increase in revenue compared to the previous year. This could involve expanding your customer base, introducing new products or services, or optimizing your sales and marketing strategies. If you don’t aim for a target, you may not hit that target. Aim with conviction. I’ve found that aiming for monthly goals creates momentum and keeps the excitement fresh.

Market Expansion

Explore opportunities to enter new markets, whether they are geographic locations or niche segments within your existing market. Conduct thorough market research to identify areas with growth potential. Know your audience. Know where they are and then provide something they want. I know, it’s not rocket science, but it is important to know who is in the market you are targeting.

Customer Acquisition and Retention

Set goals for acquiring new customers while also focusing on retaining existing ones. One of my biggest pet peeves are offering new clients only a discounted rate — Yes, that is a draw, but what would it look like if you offered current customers an even larger discount. Yes, you heard me correctly. Take care of and be uber-loyal to your current customer base. Let them know that ‘you know’ they are still there and you appreciate them so much.

Digital Transformation

Embrace digital technologies to enhance efficiency and competitiveness. Don’t be afraid of AI (Artificial Intelligence), instead research and understand not only how it works, but how you can use it to assist you. Take a couple online courses, utilize this tool to present sales copy, write articles for your blog, create custom art for graphics, edit photos, and so much more.

Remember, though, this is only a tool. Use it to ‘kickstart’ what you need — alway be authentic, though. You can smell AI a mile away, but when you put your own ‘heart’ into the mix, that’s where the real magic happens.

Along with AI, make sure you are up-to-date on all software, seo and data analytics, along with apps to help you work smarter instead of harder.

Employee Development

Prioritize the professional development of your employees. Set goals for training programs, mentorship initiatives, and career advancement opportunities to enhance employee satisfaction and retention. Bring in a coach for an interactive team-building event. Set up ways for each employee to get to know each other better. Making sure you have a happy and cohesive team goes a long way:) There are so many complimentary online programs for you to take advantage of — Don’t forget about your employees. They are the vital key to your companies success.

Innovation and Product Development

Whether you offer a service or a product, cultivate an innovative culture within your organization. Establish objectives for creating and introducing new products or services. Creativity can dwindle in this domain, recognize that. We tend to get stuck in the same. As a goal for the upcoming year, challenge yourself to think outside the box while remaining within the confines of your expertise. It’s also essential to consistently ensure that these endeavors align with market needs and trends.

Brand Awareness and Marketing

They won’t know you are out there if you don’t tell them that you are out there. Increase brand visibility and awareness through targeted marketing campaigns. Utilize a mix of traditional and digital marketing strategies to reach a broader audience and reinforce your brand's positioning. Get creative. My husband has always said it is better to be a whale in a fishbowl, than a minnow in the ocean. Target your audience in that fishbowl until they know your brand off by heart. Jingles, catchy phrases, memorable graphics, etc. Create a marketing plan that makes your brand a household name. Hire a great marketing coach — put together some market research, even some blind market research without revealing your brand. Then listen! You will hear things that you never knew before. Take that knowledge to the drawing board and saturate that fishbowl.

Financial Management

Ah, the ever-important word: budget. Crafting one may not always elicit excitement, but its presence is undeniably a mark of wisdom. Bolster your financial standing by establishing objectives for cost control, efficient budget management, and strategic financial planning. Additionally, seek out opportunities to diversify revenue streams, a key strategy in fortifying your financial resilience and adaptability. My youngest daughter has always stated that the key to financial wealth is to hide your money from yourself:) lol — With that thought in mind, create buckets for particular projects. Align them with your monthly goals. These makes swallowing the word budget, a bit more palatable:)

Social Responsibility

Get involved. Establish goals for corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. This could involve supporting community projects, contributing to charitable causes, or implementing ethical business practices.The motivation shouldn't be driven by personal gain, but inevitably, you'll realize that rewards naturally unfold throughout the journey, fostering a sense of purpose and connection within your organization and beyond.

Risk Management

Lay out everything and make sure you have dotted all your I’d and crossed all of your t’s. Identify potential risks to your business and set goals for mitigating them. This could entail crafting a thorough risk management strategy to tackle challenges like economic uncertainties, supply chain disruptions, or cybersecurity threats. In the past, such considerations might have been dismissed with laughter, or haphazardly considered over analyzing, but given our firsthand experience with a pandemic, these concerns no longer appear as far-fetched. It is pure wisdom to make sure you have necessary firewalls and a plan B:)

Collaboration and Partnerships

We weren’t created to always create alone. Seek possibilities for strategic collaborations or partnerships. This might entail joining forces with other businesses to co-develop products or services, or forming partnerships to broaden your market presence. Remarkable breakthroughs often emerge from collaborative ventures.

Remember to regularly review and reassess your goals throughout the year, adjusting them as needed based on your business's performance and evolving market conditions.

If setting and maintaining big goals isn't your style, consider crafting micro-goals—small objectives nestled within a larger aim. If you require assistance in this endeavor, feel free to reach out. Personally, I have a fondness for micro-goals—they're easily attainable and easily-doable.

With Vizion,


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