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Have you ever wondered why you think, act, and react the way you do? Do you desire to have stronger relationships? Do you want to achieve more success in your endeavors?  Are you tired of feeling 'less than'? Do you want to have more control over your life? 

Are you looking for a breakthrough?

If you answered yes to any of the above, the Enneagram, a tool to discover the inner

workings of your character, can provide transformation in all of the above!

With 20+ years leading, teaching, coaching, and consulting,

I'm here to guide you to a clear understanding of yourself and others. 

My goal is to help you discover how to live your best life, right now!


One on One

Let's discover YOU.

The discovery package is a customized questionnaire, 60-minute (in person or zoom session), and 7 days of unlimited text/email. It's all wrapped up in a package designed to assist you in the discovery of your Enneagram type. Time to live your best life now!

Group Sessions

Strengthening relationships.


This 3-hour, interactive session provides you and your family/friends with an extensive view of the Enneagram. Each person will discover not only their Enneagram type, but also those of their family/friends. What a great way to learn why people think, act, and react the way they do. It's a true relationship game-changer.

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Explore - Dig Deeper

Time to uncover.

Knowing your type is the first step. Digging into the why, how and 'what do I do now' is the next. This 5-week package will provide an extensive dive into your type. Through both Life Coaching and Enneagram coaching, you will have a tool in your box that will bring success to both your personal and business life. It's true no-brainer with a large ROI.

Corporate Team Building

Build your team up.

This team-building session centers in on how to 'get along' optimally with your fellow employees  and to have a more succinct productive team. With group scenarios, interactive coaching, and team building exercises, this energy-filled session will 'revive' the heart of your team. Bringing them together as one.

Working Together
Let's Work Together / 615-881-0960

Whole-istic Certified Coach

Life | Business | Enneagram

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