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Professional Bio

Sue is a Master Certified Life and Business Coach/Consultant. She started a coaching and consulting firm in 2003 called The Inner Vizion. The company serves creatives and entrepreneurs through a whole-istic approach focusing on mental, emotional, and business wellness. Sue's goal is to co-create with others, helping them find their true passion and vision.

Sue states, "Creatives and entrepreneurs have a difficult time sorting through barriers in both life and business. Coaching is a co-creative process. I love guiding my clients to customized plans for them to implement, along with an array of tools, so they can get back to doing what they love to do the most, Create."

Sue has been active in the world of creatives and the arts for over two decades.  She is a sought-after speaker for both women and business groups, including corporate team-building events.  She sits in the role of Executive Consultant for a TV show, is an author and award-winning scriptwriter, has directed music videos and TV episodes, written and teaches a self-penned curriculum for women over 50 entitled 50-Ness.  As an ordained minister, she coaches young married couples and families, and her newest venture is co-hosting a business podcast called 2 of a Kind. 

Her proudest accomplishment to date is being a mama and grandma to 3 daughters, 3 blessing children, 3 grand-littles, and a furry grand-puppy, Simon. She and her husband, Keith, love living in their little peaceful town of Spring Hill, Tennessee. Laughter is an important part of her daily sustenance. She strives to uplift, motivate, and encourage a 'can do' attitude. Sue has never met a stranger.

Image of Sue the owner the Inner Vizion

Even before I could read, stories intrigued me.  The plot pulled me in, but it was the characters who truly fascinated me. My inerrant love of people propelled me forward in my present career as a Certified Life, Business and Enneagram Coach/Consultant.

It's been my pleasure to help people develop plans to reach the characters in their story while working alongside them in creating unique ways to sell their products and clarify/identify their audience/customer base. I didn’t realize that early in my career a path to coaching had already begun. I was quickly learning how to ask those important questions that would reveal power-filled answers.

Taking a break among my pages to be a mom to three lovely ladies was the greatest accomplishment of my life. Watching them grow and walk confidently into their own stories is my true success. Today I have the pleasure of being a grandma to three grand-littles. A new generation is being written in my book.


Along the way, I gathered people. It’s been said that I’ve never met a stranger. 

That is true. As the founder of Pilgrims of Hope, a missionary organization that led drama teams around the world, strangers were quickly turned into life-long friends. I had the honor of seeing lives changed and I became a better human along the way. 


I’ve begun to write my own stories. Working in the world of film, I’ve had many opportunities to share those stories. I have one of those fancy Telly Awards for script-writing, have directed short episodes for a television show, worked in the field as an AD, along with other roles in the media world. That essence of storytelling has led me full circle. I am using my gifts to support causes and change the way people see, hear, and think.


My heart for people is built into my faith. I’ve written and taught a curriculum for women over 50 entitled FiftyNess. It parallels the stories of women in the bible and history with the women of today. There are answers to life in the stories of people. Uncovering them is part of the discovery process.


Today you can find me living life large with my husband, Keith. I love to travel, take photographs, write, spend precious time with family, and more than anything, curling up with new stories from amazing and talented authors.


Every day is a new day. A new story to be written. What’s yours going to say?  As your coach, let me help you write it.

With Vizion,

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