If it has a 'creative' edge to it, Sue has walked through it. 



We just were not created to create alone.  It's not how we are made.  Sue, a Certified Life and Business Coach, meets you right where you are and assists you in getting to right where you want to be.  There is power in Coaching.  You now have a partner.  An accountability person that will help you set goals and discover where the barriers lay.  Then learn how to move them.    


Sue understands that building a business requires the 'whole' picture to be viewed.  She sits one-on-one with a client and then finds what fits comfortably.  Not taking him/her so far out of their box, but instead, working within 'their box' and then 'out of the box' of the rest of the world.  This formula brings planned success to those who are just starting to build a foundation or building upon a foundation that has is already in place.   



Today you can find Sue teaching through her self-penned devotional "Breaking Through from the Inside Out!" and life-filled storytelling through her various talks.  Her irresistible humor and contagious laughter, along with a sincere desire to share life's secrets will provide answers to questions and question 'the unanswered.'  



Sue currently sits in the role of Executive Director for MXTV, a generation-pertinent television show.  Script writing, directing and directional coaching. 


Her pro-bono efforts include assisting EdenRidge Ministries as their Editor-in-Chief.


Along with being a  member of the ICFTN (International Coaching Federation of TN) and a Certified Coach with Your Enneagram Coach.

Omg and L-m-n-o-p, let's be friends!

Whole-istic Certified Coach

 Life | Business | Enneagram 



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