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What's the Question?

I’ve been surrounded by entrepreneurs and creatives most of my life. As a young mom of 3, my husband and I started a construction business. Sitting with people hearing their dreams and making them come true evokes a sense of pure completion and satisfaction. Watching their faces and seeing them walk in their dreams is more than magical. Taking something from their mind's eye; drawing it on paper and turning it into more than they wanted was our goal.

We are all dreamers. Assisted nowadays by the myriad of creative shows available at the click of a button. Guiding us with step-by-step processes. Giving us the courage to move forward. Surely I can do that!

It all starts, though, with the idea. To some people this process can seem overwhelming and where they get stuck. Right there at the beginning. Taking it from our heads to reality can trip us up.

As a coach, I’ve learned the power of asking questions. Open-ended questions. One’s that take us on a road that opens up deep and wide. I’ve learned to push aside the yes or no questions while creating. Those tend to stop us in our tracks, while the open-ended ones lead us on a discovery quest to fulfill our dreams.

“A person’s thoughts are like water in a deep well, but someone with insight can draw them out.” Proverbs 20:5

I love this quote. It reminds me that having someone else by our side, to bounce ideas off. Someone to listen and guide us with ‘more questions’. An individual that can help us get past the ‘I can’t go another step’ moments. Someone with the insight to draw out the dream, the inner vision that is deep inside all of us. To draw it out and let it live and breathe.

With all of the above in mind, here is a great place to start.

1. Lay everything out on a whiteboard. Just throw up all the thoughts you have about your dream project. Many times the missing links that show up later can be found in the initial dream session. You will find that doing this can save you so much time in the long run, and will bring up more of those vital open-ended questions that will help you lay a strong foundation.

2. Ask yourself those open-ended questions. Start with the basics. “Why do I want to create this?” The ‘why’ answers can give you renewed energy. Excite you to move forward. Providing a big ole spotlight on your dream and seeing what the finished product can provide. I’m currently working with a non-profit that is in the beginning stages of raising funds. We recently had a brainstorming strategy meeting with her team. At the end of the meeting, her initial vision was heightened and she was excited to move full steam ahead.

3. Bring others into the mix. This makes for a great recipe for success. You will hear me say that I don’t believe we were created to (always) create alone. There is something that happens in the creative process when we have others by our side. Especially when we are stuck or feel discouraged. It’s like turning on a switch and all of a sudden the room is filled with light. We can see better. Into those nooks and crannies that discouraged us or kept us from going forward.

Whether you are starting a new business, building a house, filming a music video, writing a book, or refreshing an old idea, remember to ask yourself questions. Build on the answers and revel in the finish line.

With Vizion, Sue


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