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The point of the view

Life is all about perspective. One person can see something negative while another can pull out the positive.

How do you live your life? Do you dig deep for the negative? Sharing pain, bad news, conspiracy theories and “look what can happen”. Or do you choose the “bright side?” The flip side. The joy side.

I knew a woman who had terminal cancer. She was filled with insurmountable joy. I saw it on her face and in the language she used to speak to everyone she met. After hearing her story, I asked her if I could pray with her.

With a twinkle in her eye, she smiled and said, “Sure, as long as you don’t pray for my cancer to be healed.”

This doesn’t happen often, but I was speechless.

She put her hand on my shoulder and said, “Before my diagnosis, I was a very negative person. Ask anyone who knew me. I chose the dark side at every turn. Since then, God has given me a different perspective. I share His love for me with everyone I meet. I’ve seen thousands come to Him for hope and salvation. Before my cancer, the score was 0!”

I’ve never forgotten her words. Even though doctors had given her the proverbial 6 months to live, her life spanned 10 more years. She lived it out finding the positive, sharing God's word and in her words, “walking in the life I was created for.”

Next time you feel that need to spread negativity. Stop. Take one moment and choose a different perspective.

This will help you and those around you “break through from the inside out".

With ViZion, Sue:)


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