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Word of the Day: TACIT

tac·​it | \ ˈta-sət  \

: expressed or carried on without words or speech

implied or indicated (as by an act or by silence) but not actually expressed

There is a lovely thing that happens between two people that have known each other for a long period of time. Words become unnecessary. So much can be spoken through a small, tacit glance.

That happens quite often between my husband and I. We can be in a crowd of people and have an entire conversation without ever saying a single word. It’s a superpower between couples or good friends. Raising an eyebrow, a blink of an eye or a ‘tell’ that only your partner and you can distinguish.

I love this secret language. Even though a great conversation out loud in one of my favorites things, this is a special way to convey our thoughts in silence. It connects us in a special way. Even though we are two separate people, we sometimes finish each others sentences and can have an entire conversation without sound.

There is so much noise in this world. It’s without saying that a little silence sure couldn't

hurt anyone. Maybe practicing this mode of communication could thwart prospective arguments and disagreements. Just being silent more often, while learning how to communicate without words. You never know when this superpower, can come in handy.

Creatively His, Sue:)


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