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Sleeping at Last with the Enneagram

I've had the honor to meet singer/songwriter, producer, and composer, Ryan O'Neal personally. His heart for people and the love of his art is on a scale of its own. His music transcends time, taking the listener to places they have never been, along with where they have always wanted to go.

The accolades fill the page, but what is even more astonishing, is his ability to write what has been unsaid for so long in our own lives.

Just for kicks and giggles, here is where he has been, what he has created, and the lives he has touched, thus far.

I love each and every piece he has penned, but my favorites are below. Ryan is a fan of the Enneagram and he has weaved intuition of each type into 9 masterpieces of awareness and understanding.

He types as a 9 on the Enneagram and in his own words he gives the reason why he has designed these songs.

"It looks like empathy

To understand all sides

But I'm just trying to find myself

Through someone else's eyes"

With Vizion,


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