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Word of the Day: PELLUCID


clear in meaning, expression, or style

(tonights blog is brought to you from tongue in cheek:)

Women are from Venus. Men are from Mars. This statement couldn’t be any more true. Especially in the form of communication. My husband lovingly exclaims that my communication skills are very different from his own. Different is an understatement! Is there anyone else out there that understands? Anyone else that smells what I’m stepping in:)?

Communication. It is a vital thing. Being able to be understood makes life run so much more smoothly. Being misunderstood, holds the power to blow up a conversation faster than a strong wind can move a feather!

Conversation. It’s a necessary part of a relationship. I personally feel that I am an excellent communicator. I believe that I give as much necessary information that can possibly be given, without being boring much when expressing a thought. I have a concerted effort to not speak too much or too long, but to be clear, concise and engaging. But alas, my husband will not agree. In his mind, I don’t have a pellucid bone in my body. He would express with a male-induced fervor that it is not often that we are on the same page in the ‘understanding what the heck you are talking about’ book.

As a woman, there is part of me that just expects to be understood. Without having to get or give bullet pointed details. My particular way of expression is more story-like. Touching on the important parts and expecting the listener to get the gist and if necessary, read my mind to fill in the blanks. That makes complete sense, doesn’t it?!

Women are great at communicating that way. We are masters at body language. Not having to complete sentences when speaking to each other. There is an unspoken language that runs through our veins and when we communicate with each other, it is as if we have a language all of our own. We can read between the lines, digging deep when we need to and skimming the surface at other times. Maybe that is due to the fact that we were created to deal with our children, and husbands, take care that the household runs smoothly, make sure the animals (and our children) are fed, watered and taken for walks, all the while working a job ourselves and many times remembering and then completing multiple tasks at once equal to those of running a small country. We have to think fast, be quick on our feet and communicate thoroughly.

Then there are our male counterparts. Most seem to need us to express in exacts. To ‘give the fact’s, ma’am’, in detail, but not too much detail, because they don’t want to hear us speak too much, but just enough. They want us to sloooooooowwwwww way down in our speech. So they can get it. But even when we do, we get that ‘puppy dog’ expression of ‘huh’??? Many male humans believe that female humans are not pellucid in our expression.

Herein lies the rub. Eons have gone by with this issue in relationships. Yes, women are from Venus and men are from Mars. On average, Venus is 25 million miles from Earth and Mars is approximately 250 million miles from Earth. Aha, there we go, that’s the answer!!!

Well, I’m not throwing in the towel anytime soon, but I do have a couple years experience on this front. I tend to be a betting woman and, therefore, I will bet that men will continue to say, “I just don’t understand women’ for eons to come. And women will just shake their heads and seek out other women when they need to be completely understood…

p.s. Don’t get me wrong. I love having conversations with my husband. It’s a grand way to be entertained!!!!:) Be Calm my Female Friends and Carry On. I’m here if you need to be understood:)

Creatively His, Sue:)


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