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Is your website working for you?

So. You have this idea. You've turned it into a business. You created a website. Now what?

It’s time to make that website work for you!

I’ve always been a believer that a website is your castle. It’s the home base that holds all of your branding, products, services, and most importantly, your story.

A great website draws in the potential client before the ‘O’ in HELLO! This is so important. In an age of ‘fast food sound bytes’ and tons of information to choose from, we need to honor the potential client by providing them with a clear space where they can find what they need and take immediate action to get it.

Our websites need to be clean, concise, clear, and appealing, leading easily from one place to the next. Giving an entire view of the who, what, where, and why of your business.

Abigail Ann from Create and Collab, my podcast partner, and I spoke about 7 Ways to Use Your Website to Grow Your Business in our last podcast.

We dug deep into:

  • Generating leads

  • How to create a clear call to action (CTA) above the fold

  • Tips for a mobile-friendly site

  • How to grow your email list

  • How to drip a campaign

  • Automation of sales process

  • Log that blog

And more!!!

Take a listen to this current episode of 2 of a Kind We provide tons of ideas and, if you follow these tried and true steps, they may just add the color green $ to your pocketbook!

*Links to listen to PODCAST are below:)

With Vizion,


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