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Is 'can't' running free in your life?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Can’t is such a loud and overpowering word. It pushes all the other words aside like an incensed bully. Can’t takes over the entire room, not allowing anyone else to speak. It steals dreams. Destroys visions and is the biggest buzzkill around.

When my daughters were young, I asked them to bring me every dictionary they could find. As a homeschool mom, we had plenty. Then I proceeded to encourage them to cut the word Can’t out of everyone. I wanted to teach a memorable life lesson. One that would last.

My girls remembered this exercise and their life has shown that they never became good friends with Can’t. Just the opposite. They were polite to her all the while marking clear boundary lines. They kept her at a safe distance every time she showed up uninvited and unannounced.

If Can’t has been showing up in your life lately, don’t be a pushover. Show her the way to your front door and lock it behind her. Then grab the dictionary in your mind and stop allowing Can't to rent space in your life.

With Vizion, Sue


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