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Word fo the Day: INDAGATE

verb tr.: To search into; to investigate

From an early age, stories have always aroused my curiosity. Books of all shapes and sizes find warm and cozy homes on many of my shelves. There is always a fresh stash next to my bed, in my kitchen and on tables around my home, along with an impressive list on my Kindle.

I love when a story can twist and turn. Taking me away, for just awhile, from my daily life. The characters become my friends and I love getting to know them through the written word.

Then there are movies. Especially ones filled with suspense, intrigue and ‘who done its’. Oh, these are my favorites. Drawing me in and opening a playing field for me to indagate on my own. I enjoy guessing the plot, but the best ones are when I am purely surprised.

There are 366 days in 2020. Plenty of time for plots to be revealed and stories to unfold, character by lovely character!

Creatively His, Sue:)


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