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Word of the Day: IMPONDERABLES

things that cannot be precisely determined, measured, or evaluated: the imponderabilia surrounding human life.

As I was cleaning house the other day, I kept moving around and redecorating with what my mama would have lovingly deemed tchotchkes. Things that need dusted and are usually of most importance only to the one who purchased them.

In the midst of all the dusting, I sat down and looked around. I’ve definitely accumulated things throughout my life. Unique gadgets, various antique toys, houses of every shape and kind, rolling pins and tiny unique thimbles. I’ve surrounded myself with phrases, quotes, word of encouragement. These items dwell in nooks and crannies, waiting to be read. On pillows, wooden and metal signs, pieces of framed cloth, embroidery and more. Even though these ‘things’ above have emotional attachments, there are imponderable collections in my life that top that list.

The name of these imponderable collections are my memories. They just cannot be properly measured by any human standard. Nor can they be sold or traded. Living entities deep within my soul, having residence in both my heart and my mind.

I used to tell my daughters that memories are collected in a velvet bag with a magic drawstring. Memories find their way in, but once they arrive, the drawstring closes and there is no way out. With this in mind, I heartily advised both myself girls and myself to be cognizant of what memories were invited in. For they claim occupancy forever.

I bring the good ones and the ‘not so good’ ones out from time to time, dust them off and redecorate my life with them. You see, I’m thankful for all of them. No matter what they look like, when they were created or how they were formed, they are mine, and mine alone. Just like my fingerprints.

Therefore, their value remains the same, priceless.

Creatively His, Sue:)


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