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Have you ever lost hope?

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Hello, world!

Have you ever lost 'hope'? Well, 2 of my great friends and I wrote a book to help you find it. (A lawyer, a writer, and a coach:). We wrote this book during the pandemic when hopelessness was at an all-time high.

We found that hope was all around us. Some of us had to dig deep to find a bit of it, but we discovered it was just waiting to be found.

Instead of worrying about the future, or allowing present troubles to slowly tear you down, you can choose to stay anchored to a never-changing God in an ever-changing world.

Discover the life-impacting encouragement you're longing for through stories from three authors who've been there. The inspiring stories, prayers, and guided personal reflections will help you learn to grab onto hope for yourself!

You can pre-order your signed (by all three authors) copy of Hope is ... today. Shipping is FREE! Click here!


You can order directly from Amazon. Click here!

Thanks in advance for supporting this journey of hope! I can't wait for you to read and then share what 'Hope is...'.

Also, as business owners, entrepreneurs, and humans living their best life here on earth, we would love to hear your stories about how HOPE has shown up in your life. If you would like to be part of an upcoming collection of stories online, send me yours at .

In the meantime, cheers to HOPE in the coming months!

With Vizion,


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