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Word of the Day: FLANEUR

idler; dawdler; loafer

A large majority of my clients are creatives. Many of them have multiple businesses and various sources of income. I can honestly say not one of them could be labeled as a flaneur.

Working as a Coach, I get the opportunity to co-create alongside some of the most amazing, hard-working, creative people in the world. Authors, musicians, actors, and artists, just to name a few careers.

Creatives enjoy life out loud. They believe that each day is theirs to seize and conquer. They, like all humans, have ups and downs, but their art keeps them alive. Most of them are filled up with a glass half-full attitude, seeking the promise of tomorrow. The desire of their heart is for their creations to be seen and heard and they just won’t give up until that comes to fruition.

What I love most about creatives is that they believe in what they create. Even when no one else does. Their art lifts them out of their dark days. It is an extension of who they are, with a heartbeat all its own. I’ve witnessed, firsthand, how hard they will fight for their creations. I have such a respect for that.

I’ve been honored over the years to have worked with some amazing individuals. World changers. Joy givers. Contributors of beauty. Guiding them to their success is truly my success.

Creatively His, Sue:)


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