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WORD of the Day: Ephemeral

lasting a very short time; short-lived; transitory:

As I sit here tonite, packing up the last of the ornaments and saying a sweet goodbye to yet another holiday season, I realize that the lives we live are truly ephemeral.

As I watched my grandchildren tonight enjoying the festivities, I had flashbacks of when my daughters were babies too. Twirling in their frilly little dresses, pretending they were worldly princesses, playing house with dolls and enjoying such a carefree existence. Then all of a sudden, the tide turned, I blinked and they were grown. It seemed to happen so very quickly.

When I look closely in the mirror, there are so many new story-lines that are etched in my face. Each line is a vital and integral part of my life's story. Lately, time seems to be going faster and faster as my world quickly turns. I've developed a concerted effort to not take a moment for granted, though. For in my years of sage, I've found that each new day brings joy and sorrow of its own. I've learned to embrace them both, for all combined, these moments make up the whole of my life. They play out the ‘view of me’ from the inside out.

Dad said something today that I have put in my wisdom ‘nugget’ box. Tomorrow never truly comes. For when it does, it is then Today. So with that bit of wisdom tucked in my belt, I’m going to take delight in today. For I am a truly a blessed woman. Moment by precious moment.

Creatively His, Sue:)


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