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Word of the Day: DORNICK

noun: a small stone that is easy to throw, a pebble

Riddle me this. What is tiny, found on the ground and holds value to only one person? That would be my collection of dornicks from around the world.

There are those that I’ve picked myself and some that were given to me by family and friends while they were on vacation, on tour with musicians or serving on short-term mission trips. Each one holds a special memory, whether it was experienced by myself or a labor of love gift from someone who visited a distant land and found it for me.

There is a beautiful soft gray and alabaster stone from Israel that I hold dear and it sits next to an amber colored one from Arizona that I cherish the most. The latter one was found on my wedding day at the base of Bell Rock in Sedona, AR, almost 9 years ago.

Part of my collection is under glass, presented to me by my girls from their adventures. And some are intermingled with river stones outside my home.

Knowing that these tiny dornicks are pieces of a larger whole, has somehow always intrigued me. Glittering nuggets littering the street. Unseen by the wandering soul, but catching the eye from one who is looking for them. They seem to all hold secrets of their own. Separated from their original home. Lost. But in my hands, they’ve found new meaning. They give me simple pleasure. To others they are just pebbles, minute stones and seemingly unimportant rocks. To me, though, they are priceless treasures that represent love, memories, kindness and little moments of joy.

Creatively His, Sue:)


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