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Two Vital Life Ingredients

Updated: May 23, 2022

In my opinion, two vital ingredients for the life of a man or woman of good character are integrity and truth.

I get it, we are all flawed. I hold up both hands and admit my own faults and weaknesses to the world at large. And there are many. On numerous occasions in my own life, I’ve participated in poor decisions, hurried actions, and have been guilty of taking the wrong path. When integrity and truth were added to the mix, though, along with a healthy dose of admitting fault, the positive results were unmistakable. Wins happened, when they could have been massive losses.

When an individual lacks these essential elements, trust wavers every time this person speaks. Do you know someone in your life who fits this phrase like a custom glove? The news is filled to the brim with stories of individuals that exude untruths and canards. It is at epidemic highs. Lack of truth and integrity are apparent at every turn.

I’ve found that a great litmus test and resource for sorting out truth lies within God’s word. People say that we have not been given a manual for life. I tend to disagree. Time and time again, I’ve gone to the bible to extract guidelines for truth and integrity. Truth and integrity are not always comfortable actions. They can separate us from the popular crowd. We can find ourselves standing all alone in our convictions. This can be a lonely place to be, but the long-lasting, ultimate results bring about friendship with others who have honored their own quest for truth and integrity. Providing you with solid and secure relationships with people who are like-minded.

Again, in my opinion, truth and integrity win every time! For the rest of my days, no matter the consequences, I choose to walk in truth and integrity. As you know, I love being on the

winning side.

With Vizion,


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