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Word of the Day: BANAL

devoid of freshness or originality; hackneyed; trite

While scrolling through YouTube for research for a client, I came across a very cool channel showcasing innovative furniture creations. These artists do not have a banal bone in their body - Just the opposite. The extraordinary and original ideas astounded me.

There were chairs made out of interlocking pieces, tables that looked like pieces of art on the wall, hidden storage inside modern, artistic furniture, disappearing and reappearing televisions tucked inside of footboards, super-sized logos that create dividing walls, gates that appear vertically out of the ground and some mind-blowing creations of expandable furniture. I loved every minute of it and quickly got sucked into video after video.

Gadgets have always fascinated me. They are givers of joy. I’m drawn to them with a magnetic allure.

The ones that truly amaze me are the contraptions that make life easier for handicapped, elderly and disabled individuals. Canes that turn into chairs, chairs that lift people up, stairs that turn into ramps and so much more. When the need arises, people create.

These people are heroes in my eyes. Taking their gifts, their knowledge, their creativity and weaving it into magic for those that need it most.

Creatively His, Sue:)


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