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Break Through from the Inside Out!

"An incredible coach! Sue has a way of shedding light on the best version of myself!" K. Danzig


Why Should I Try Coaching?

"Deep within each of us lies our unique gifts, we just need to discover them!"


Asa young girl, I remember using my hairbrush as a make-believe microphone, standing in front of the mirror and pretending I was the biggest rock star in the Universe!


Somewhere along the way, I misplaced that brush and forgot how to dream. Then, one day, as I was sorting through my life, I re-discovered it and haven't put it down since!


That's why I became a Coach. To help people locate and pick that dream back up,  dust it off, and walk into it!


It's your life.  Let's help make it the best it can be, together!

Success Stories

"Deciding to work with Sue has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Not only has she helped me expand and explore new avenues in my inspirational speaking and music ministry, challenging me to make realistic goals and holds me accountable to them, all the while encouraging me, Sue has helped me move forward with my personal goals as well."

Dr. Mel Kennedy

Speaker & Singer

Whole-istic Approach

Creatives and entrepreneurs have a difficult time sorting through barriers in life -

both personal and business.

Through a whole-istic approach, I will assist and inspire you in developing effective, custom-fit plans providing 'proven' personal and financial success. 


This discovery process will enable you to spend more time doing what you love most, create!

Omg and L-m-n-o-p, let's be friends!

Whole-istic Certified Coach

 Life | Business | Enneagram 


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