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5 Ways to Listen Better

We are losing our listening.

I just recently listened to a TED talk about how to ‘listen better’. Julian Treasure is the speaker and he is fascinating. He gives 5 ways to listen better.

One of them stated that we are entirely unaware of filters that affect our listening.

My husband and I were geeking out a bit this morning. He explained to me that white noise is the culmination of all audio frequencies together. When we hear music, those frequencies are being split over time.

That gives us an enjoyable sound that we can concentrate on.

The same as light. Sunlight encompasses all frequencies of the visual spectrum.

Ready for me to blow your mind.

We don’t see the rays of the sun, we see the light being reflected off of surfaces. So when we are listening, we won’t and can’t hear everything around us.

Just like with white noise, after a while, it just fades into the background.

Think about that in terms of listening. We listen to DIFFERENCES, such as our name, that draw us to listen in a crowd, but in the same vein, we discount sounds that remain the same such as the hum of the air conditioning unit or the wind outside our window.

This is a lot to wrap our heads around. Ultimately, to listen better, we need some tools. Click here to find out more from Julian's Ted Talk.

If we 'listen better', who knows what we will see:)

With Vizion, Sue;)


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