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Yoga at Home


  • Uncovering 3 Myths of Weight Loss

  • When you Change Your Mindset, You Change The Game!

  • CAN'T... is a Cop-Out!

  • Purpose & Intention - But I don't have time to change!

  • Mindset, Culture & Connection - Life Before and After...

  • Overcoming Chronic Pain - How to Persevere and Achieve Your Goals

  • Prepared for a Purpose

  • The Invisible Dragons

  • What Does Your Brain have to do with Weight Loss?

  • Why Bad Body Image will Keep You Stuck

  • If it's not on purpose, is it an accident?

  • Relationship with Self

  • Inflammation is the Devil

  • Destructive Patterns that Mask the Pain

  • You Can Do Hard Things!

  • 4 Weeks Forever Health & Wellness

  • Seven Signs that Your Life is at Risk!

  • Gaslighting & Relationships 

  • Is Hydration Important to Mental Health? 

  • Why You Need a Coach in Your Corner