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In a world where chaos runs amuck, we find ourselves without direction.  Not knowing who we truly are and still trying to exist and do all the things that life requires from us


It can be exhausting!


With 20+ years of experience leading, coaching and consulting, I will help you understand yourself and others with astonishing clarity.


By utilizing the Enneagram (ennea = 9 / gram = diagram), you will experience transformation not only in your every day life situations, but in all of your relationships. It's truly fascinating!


Discovering how to live your Your 'best life' is just a moment away.  


"Sue is a vibrant teacher and coach who creates a fun and safe environment to spur on self-discovery and awareness of who you are at the core." Kristy / Author 3w4

"I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing Sue Mohr’s Ennegram class. She has an amazing conversational, comfortable teaching style, sprinkled with humor, practical examples and great visuals. I left her class with a better understanding of my unique God-given personality and learned more about what motivates me. I would highly recommend this series to others and really enjoyed the intimate setting where she skillfully engaged with each of us on a personal level.” Maria - Artist/Teacher 3w4


"The group Enneagram class gave me clearer insight into who I am as a person. It also equipped me with tools that will help me to navigate through my life more effectively." Kerry / Gramma Extraordinnaire 6w7

"I am the peacemaker. Everyone always wants me to make a choice, and I don’t like to. I’m usually ok with whatever everyone else wants. And now I know, that’s just me! And I can embrace that!" Kathy - Administrative Assistant/TV Show 9w1

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