10/08/2012- Clinician at the Christian Musician Summit, held in Lieper's Fork, TN.

09/2012- Working as the Creative Director/Script on the TOM DOLAN Music Video with Director, Billy Brown, Evidential Productions

10/2010 - Wrote script and was script advisor/creative director for THE RED ROOTS music video - Evidential Productions

09/2010 - Wrote script and was script advisor/creative director for BROOKE WEB music video - Evidential Productions

01/28/2009- Sue has been accepted and inducted into the International Who's Who of Professional & Business Women - Women Who Set the Standard -

10/20/2008- The Nashville Speakers Association has added Sue Ross to their speaker roster.

10/01/2008 -Sue has been accepted as a member of the National Association of Professional Women.

09/30/08 - THE INNER VIZION has launched This site will feature a page that Biographies, Press Releases, Publicity Stories ad other documents that have been created and written by Sue Ross, Publicity, The Inner Vizion.  Along with all information need for media in regards to Sue's appearances. 

09/05/2008 - Sue Ross and THE INNER VIZION have been inducted into the Cambridge WHO'S WHO.

03/08- The Inner Vizion FOUNDATION through the National Heritage Foundation has been officially launched. This Foundation will raise funds to help artists around the world receive continued education for their craft, along with monies to help fund their equipment and travel needs.

03/24/2008 - The CIA SUMMIT, Franklin, TN, Building 8. Sue Ross speaks on the importance of PLANNING in your business.


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