With a “mini-lifetime” of experience in the music and entertainment industry, Sue Ross-Mohr, mother and prior manager of Hollywood/Disney recording artists, Everlife, has delved into every aspect of the music and small business industry. With a grass roots approach and a “unique to the client alone” mindset, Sue has helped create individual foundational plans for an artist/small business owner to stand and then walk upon.

Artists/Small Business Owners who have utilized and implemented her creative skills have seen immediate expansion. Having put her energies into businesses that have now seen national recognition is the fuel that keeps her going - their success is her success!

As creator and owner of The Inner Vizion Management Consulting Agency, a myriad of independent music artists and small business owners, both online and with physical stores, have experienced her unique ability to 'pull out' what is already on the inside and then lay it out into an implementable plan.  Her call to action is unique as she gives attention to the 'detail' in your business.  Knowing her client by their first name with the total picture in mind.

She has also been a co-founder/promoter of many events, including Godstock, Back to the Music GMA Showcase and The Tsunami Rock Benefit show, to name a few. Her teaching ability was sparked from her involvement as a Life Skills teacher and counselor for Hitek Industries in Orlando, FL, visionary and instructor of LEA (Leadership, Evangelism and the Arts), teaching theatrical drama for church organizations and through the home schooling of her three daughters. She has been a keynote speaker for various youth seminars, women and leadership events, parent training seminars and the CIA Summit in Nashville, TN. With fervor for missions, Sue has participated and has been involved in leadership on the mission field with Teen World Outreach, Big World Ventures, Food for the Hungry and began her own short-term mission organization called Pilgrims of Hope. She just recently returned from Bolivia, where she spent time with two independent bands who shared their music abroad. Sue has authored many articles, press releases, bios and is currently finishing her first ideas for independent music artists book, “Managing Your Band the Indie Way”. She has handled publicity for various artists, including Nashville top 20 recording artist, Andrew Carlton and Walden Media/Bristol Bay Productions for the movie Amazing Grace that was released this spring to theaters nationwide. “Instead of thanking us, it should be US thanking YOU. You brought us vision, passion, strong contacts, and an impeccable work ethic to the Nashville market. Not incidentally, Nashville was one of our top performing markets. We cannot thank you enough. Thanks for passing this story on.” Clayton Ferguson, Walden Media, Los Angeles, CA.

With all of this experience behind her, Sue will be a vital addition to your team. . She is a dynamic speaker, with an ear that listens. A visionary that will work alongside and enable you to take the “next step and beyond”.  “Working with indie artists the past 10 years, I have learned many artists need refinement in their music missions. The person I turn to first for a tune-up is Sue Ross. Sue has a unique way of getting inside an artists head and heart, and her expertise is priceless. Every time I send an artist Sue's way, they always tell me they were encouraged, empowered and equipped for service. Sue is like a mechanic for indies!” Keith Mohr, President, IndieHeaven, Nashville, TN.

So grab a cup of coffee, browse the multitude of opportunities Sue provides to independent artists and also as a speaker for your NEXT event. Click around and get to know Sue a little better. Go to her post at for insight and noteworthy ideas! for samples of her work.

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