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I always say that "if you fail to plan, your plan will fail." This is a simple yet powerful statement. I'm looking forward to "planning" with YOU!

Here is a quick idea to help you with the financial end of hiring a consultant. Let me know if you have any questions! Trust me, it works!

Click Here to see my business card.

On the left side of the screen below is a copy of the front of my business card. On the right is a copy of the back of my business card. What I call the back of a business card is REAL ESTATE. Each of these individuals that are listed on the back of my card have paid a certain amount of money to have their information placed there. This has now become REAL ESTATE that I?m ?renting? out.

For example, let's say that you approached ten businesses or individuals or ministries that you know, whether a physical structure or an online business and offered to give them promotion/marketing of their business on the back of 250 of your business cards for $19.95 for a slot. This business card is now worth $199.95., you can order 250 cards (with a discount code that you find online) for $19.95. You now have $180.00 to put into your ministry.

If you charged $29.95, you would have $280.00 and so on...This is a great way for individuals to market/promote their business. This is a 'give to give' way for you to put monies and education into your business/ministry.

I'm a glass half full kind of woman, there IS ALWAYS a solution --

Take 30 hours to pray about this and then let me know if this is something you feel you need to do.

Hope this helps...I would be honored to help 'plan your plan'...and by the way, take a moment and visit all of the businesses on the back of my card and support them:)
Creatively His, Sue Ross-Mohr
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